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Customer Reviews

Few months before I had severe pain in my knees, was even incapable to walk by myself. But after applying Sandhi Sudha Plus I am able to walk & do things by myself.

Hameed Gul


I had tremendous pain in my neck & was also suffering from spondylitis, I was so severe that if I made a slight movement even it was very painful & because of it sometimes I used to get unconscious, but today I am completely fine because of Sandhi Sudha Plus. Today I am able to concentrate on my business.

Fahmeeda Sultana


I had pain in my back & was suffering from a problem of Slip Disc also. To overcome the pain I had to take the pain killer injection which was another pain. But now I am totally alright after using Sandhi Sudha Plus regularly.

Muhammad Ashraf


I was an army officer but after my retirement & with the declining age I had extreme pain in my knees. Initially I bared the pain, visited various Doctors, but when the pain got unbearable I was on bed almost for 3 years. Someone recommended me of Sandhi Sudha Plus & I took a chance of ordering it. After using it regularly for 10-15 days the pain was almost half & I started to walk again although I used my cradles for support but few months later I am completely fine & can walk without any support.

Hameed Gujjar


FAQs Section

Question: what are the qualities of Sandhi Sudha Plus oil which makes it more effective then the components taken out from the mollusks which is available in the market?

 Answer: This is the only product available in the market on which a number of scientific researchers have been carried out which have proven it an effective product. It is made without adding any artificial. It is only based on a natural methodology. Thus is gives a pure outcome which is very better then the products made from the mollusks. The effectiveness of the Sandhi Sudha is checked by a constant testing to make shore that the product maintains its standard. So this makes it a unique one from the other products available in the market.

Question: How the Sandhi Sudha Plus works when it lowers the pains of the joints?

Answer: this unique oil is effective because it produces multi functions in different ways and makes it shore that the joints remain flexible. One of an important quality of this oil which makes it better than other products is that it does not result in any gastric disorders.

Question: How much time a person should use the Sandhi Sudha plus oil to get cured from the pains and also to walk easily?

Answer: It depends on different individuals and varies from person to person but it was found that most of the people got relief by using it initially for just a month or two.

Question: Is there are any artificial colors or preservatives in the Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil?

Answer: the important thing about the Sandhi Sudha oil is that it does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, chemical components, and other harmful things.

Question: Does the Sandhi Sudha plus oil should also be used for the children? Answer: The oil works equally for all groups of ages including children, adults and aged ones. The children over 3 years can use it in the form of tablets while others can use it as oil.

Question: Does Sandhi Sudha plus Oil Causes any difficulties for the people using vegetables?

Answer: The Sandhi Sudha oil is taken out from the mollusks which are marine animals. They also contain gelatin and taurine so this shows that they have no effects over the people which are using vegetables.

Question: Is there is any particular method in which the use of Sandhi Sudha plus Oil is more effective? Answer: This oil cannot be used as a medicine given by a doctor. You can use it at any time during a day. The outcome will not change.



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Price, Shipping & Handling for Cash on Delivery

  • The Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil is now accessible in Pakistan and is used by a large number of people. But unhappily still a large number of people are facing the problem of joint pains and for their cure the take pain killers.
  • Unit cost of Sandhi Sudha Plus is Rs. 3400/- (for COD mode of payment, for Pakistan only)
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